Adjustable Fan Control Thermostat (Push-in probe)


Adjustable turn-on temperature from 150-240¡F
Turn-off temperature is preset at 10¡F below turn-on temperature
Push-in radiator probe
Heavy duty 40/60 amp relay *rated at maximum 25 amp continuous draw
AC override circuit included
Ground circuit relay
Note – Operates up to a 25 amp fan or two fans with a combined draw of 25 amps or less

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Product Description

This newly redesigned adjustable electric fan control kit is designed to activate up to 2 fans with a total maximum draw of 25 amps. Includes a push-in radiator probe, relay wire harness and electrical connectors for an easy installation. A/C override circuit included. Adjustable fan controller turn-on range from 150¡F – 240¡F, and turn-off preset at 10¡F lower than turn-on.

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